“The iPhone 6 Plus may bend in your pocket,” Opower’s Barry Fischer wrote in a blog post on Thursday, “but it won’t bend your energy bill higher.” We’ll forgive him for that one-liner, though, because it was written alongside a very interesting post that shares the results of Opower’s study examining how much it costs to charge the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus regularly for a year. Neither phone has class-leading battery life, and all that charging must add up, right?

Don’t worry, it’s actually much cheaper than you might think.

According to the company’s study, it takes about about 10.5 watt-hours of electricity to fully charge the iPhone 6. Using the U.S. average retail price of electricity, which is 12.29 cents per kilowatt-hour, that means fully charging your iPhone 6 once each day for a full year will cost a total of… $0.47.

The iPhone 6 Plus needs a little more juice to fill its larger battery, and it’ll cost you $0.52 per year as a result.

Opower noted that an average laptop uses 14 times more electricity per year than the iPhone 6, a desktop uses 49 times more power, an Xbox One takes 61 times more energy to run and an HDTV uses 71 times more juice annually.

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