If you thought that Apple had fun successfully suing Samsung for alleged patent infringement, just wait to see what happens if Xiaomi ever brings its devices to the U.S. Xiaomi has posted a new video that tries to make fun of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and promote its own Mi Note, but the company just inadvertently shows how much its phones rip off Apple’s.

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In the video, Xiaomi mocks the iPhone 6 Plus for having a less-than-attractive protruding camera module, which is different from the flat camera modules that have come with earlier iPhone models. The company starts off the ad by taking a frying pan and using it to jokingly hammer down the device’s camera. When they stop hammering the device, they pick it up and, lo and behold, it’s turned into a Xiaomi Mi Note, which doesn’t have a protruding camera module.

Of course the only reason that this joke works at all is because the Mi Note looks so similar to the iPhone 6 Plus in the first place. After all, if HTC tried to do the same thing by hammering the 6 Plus and replacing it with the HTC One (M8), it would produce a device with a flat camera module that looked significantly different from the iPhone 6 Plus, and thus the gag wouldn’t work.

Check out the whole video below.

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