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Yet another Apple fan who mocked ‘Bendgate’ finds himself disturbed by a slightly bent iPhone 6 Plus

Published Oct 13th, 2014 4:07PM EDT
iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate

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There’s still a lot of questions about just how easy it is to bend the iPhone 6 Plus under normal usage but we’re starting to hear from more and more Apple fans who are finding themselves surprised by bent devices. iPhone 6 Plus owner Paul Mather tells BGR that he and his partner both bought the 6 Plus recently and he was disturbed to discover that his partner’s device has already experienced a very slight bend after less than a month of use.

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To be clear, Mather says the bend in his partner’s device is not nearly as severe as the bends we’ve seen in several famous “bend test” videos. However, he says it’s definitely noticeable when he places the device down on a flat surface next to his own, as the device will rock back and forth on the flat surface while his own iPhone 6 Plus will not.

As you can see in the video below, Mather’s partner’s 6 Plus definitely moves up and down when pressure is gently applied to the corners:

For comparison, notice how Mather’s device on the same surface doesn’t move at all when the corners are pressed upon:

While this obviously isn’t a major issue for him, he tells us that he’s a bit bothered by this because he’s worried that this bend could get worse over time — after all, if the device is already exhibiting a slight bend after less than a month of use, what’s going to happen to it by this time next year?

Mather also explains that he was an Apple fan who initially ridiculed the “Bendgate” controversy when it first started up, although he’s not laughing about it much anymore.

“I now feel far more concerned than I did previously, especially as we’ve both been particularly careful with our devices, both installing tough cases and a tempered glass screen protector,” he writes. “I don’t imagine the average user would even think of testing their phone for a bend, unless they had reason to e.g. [it’s] visually bent. I’m now wondering just how many people unknowingly own a bent iPhone 6.”

Brad Reed
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