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iPhone 3G Works With PAYG

Updated 4 years ago

Image courtesy of TheiPhoneBlog

It looks like those with less than sparkly credit might be able to use the iPhone 3G with AT&T’s Pay-As-You-Go plans. One Erica Sadun of TUAW tried putting a PAYG SIM card into an iPhone 3G (complete with data package) and apparently it worked fine. The iPhone wasn’t pWn3d or unlocked or anything… but the iPhone 3G was activated with AT&T. Once word of this really gets out, we wonder how long it will take before Apple or AT&T fixes the “problem.” The big issue is getting your hands on an iPhone 3G in the box without contract or having to activate it in-store. We guess that those crafty, clever, and cunning enough will find a way. Has anyone else attempted to use an iPhone 3G with a PAYG SIM?