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New iOS tweak completely wrecks Snapchat’s entire reason for existing

iOS Jailbreak Tweak Snapchat

Why has Snapchat become so popular? That’s easy: Because it gives people a way to send messages that will be automatically destroyed soon after recipients open them, which means that you can send people confidential information without fear of it getting passed around. However, Cult of Mac points out that a new iOS tweak has the potential to gravely undermine Snapchat’s central appeal because it allows Snapchat users to save the snaps that others have sent them for future reference.

“Integrating with the existing Snapchat app, the tweak adds an additional option under the ‘Open Settings’ button on the official app,” Cult of Mac explains. “To access past conversations, users can hit the settings icon to access the popup menu, then tap on the ‘Open Snapchat Log’ option to view the log.”

It goes without saying that Snapchat’s developers will certainly figure out a way to disable this tweak once they’re made aware of it but they nonetheless have to be concerned about future tweaks that have the potential to damage their users’ confidence that they can use Snapchat and keep their messages secure.

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