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Hulu a ways away from being HTML5 ready

In a blog post discussing some new features that were recently rolled out, Hulu’s Eugene Wei took a moment to outline some of the reasons why HTML5 won’t be a part of the video streaming websites for a while yet. Planted inconspicuously between talk of “meeting the needs of its customers,” and delivering “premium visual quality,” Wei mentioned that the primary setback has to do with DRM, or more accurately the lack of support for it. Without DRM, Wei said that Hulu would not be able to “secure [its] content,” which would essentially allow anyone to save the videos they’re watching as easily as they could save a photo from any given website. In light of this, it’s easy to see why so many are suspiciously watching others as they make the transition from Flash to HTML5. After all, what sort of TV network would want to distribute their content on a site that is so easy to steal from?

[Via Giz]