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HTC Droid Incredible giveaway winners: Part 2!

Our second and final HTC Droid Incredible contest saw so many hopefuls send in pics of their horribly dilapidated hardware that we had to take a break to down a stiff drink or two during the evaluation process. But in the end, we regained our composure long enough to pick three winners. So let’s have a round of applause for Jody P., Mark V., and Nick M.! We’re pretty bummed out we couldn’t pick more people because there were so many great entries to choose from, but fear not: Your pals at BGR are already planning the next giveaway.

Hit up the jump to check out the winning entries!

Jody P.

“Participation in this giveaway assumes that one would have a secondary camera to take a photo of one’s own phone. While I have plenty of other cameras, I did not have one handy at the office, so I decided that I could either A) stand in front of the men’s room mirror to take a picture of my phone (with my phone) which might be confusing to any onlookers, or I could B) use my limited artistic abilities to provide a rendering of my scratched, bruised, and otherwise worn-out RIM Blackberry Storm 9530 (no, not the Storm 2 – the original Storm). [Here is] an admittedly embellished rendering of my Blackberry Storm 9530.”

Mark V.

“I dropped my droid by accident one night and the screen just cracked!!! I was too cheap to add the monthly insurance charge and I couldn’t afford the price for a new droid out of contract so I’m stuck with this!!! I need a new droid incredible because I’m cutting my fingers and face on the glass when I use this thing!! Please help!!”

Nick M.

“I recently got so frustrated by my Treo that I put a screwdriver through it. At first I thought the Treo 650 was a great phone because it was my first entry in to the arena of smartphones. It had many great features and I was loyal to it until I started seeing all of the new devices coming out and began to grow jealous of the speed of data connection. The data connection has always felt worse than the days of 14.4k modems. I’m using a backup phone right now that has no data features so that’s even worse. I’ve tried out WebOS devices, Blackberrys and Android Devices and I’m leaning towards Android. This contest came along and I thought I would hold out to see how it goes, maybe my suffering through the days of Treo makes me worthy of such an (excuse the pun, I had to do it) Incredible device.”

Thanks for playing, everyone!

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