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Howard Stern on the verge of inking three-year deal with Apple?

Is controversial radio-host Howard Stern on the verge of signing a three-year deal with Apple, Inc. to host an iTunes radio program? According to whomever operates the Sirius Stock News (@SIRI_STOCK) Twitter account, yes. Yesterday, the account posted a tweet that stated:

Howard Stern on the verge of signing $600 million 3 year agreement with Apple to host an Internet/TV/iTunes broadcast. $SIRI

The idea of Stern and Apple joining forces seems unlikely, but is — if you really stretch your imagination — plausible. We’ve reached out to both Apple and Sirius and will update this report with any additional information provided.

UPDATE: Blog has published a post taking credit for the tweet and calling the whole thing a hoax. This new information, like the original post on Twitter, has not been authenticated by anyone of authority from Sirius or Apple.