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‘Hoverboard’ catches fire, ruins home while charging

Marty McFly would not approve of this item.

Lafitte, LA resident Jessica Horne and her 12-year-old son were in for a surprise last week when his ‘hoverboard’ caught fire just one day after he received it.

The boards, which are actually two-wheeled self-balancing scooters, are expected to be one of this holiday season’s hottest toys. They currently retail anywhere from $300-$900 and allow users to steer them using their feet. Horne reportedly purchased the board, which contained a rechargeable lithium battery, from Fit Turbo on Amazon.

The trouble started when the scooter was plugged in to charge up. Or more, the sparks started to fly.

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“Before I could yell the house is on fire, the middle part of the board that would go between your feet just-poof-went into flames,” said Horne, who also said the sparks looked “like a firework.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission told WGNO that over the past three months, eight injuries have been reported that involve the scooters. However, the incidents involved falls rather than fires.

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