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How to Eat as Healthy as Possible at the Biggest Fast Food Chains

Healthiest Options Fast Food

Every day I’m tempted to walk across the street to the Burger King outside of my apartment and buy a Whopper. I know, it’s awful, but cheeseburgers are delicious and it’s the closest restaurant by a block in any direction. Thankfully, I have the willpower to stay away most weeks, but if I were to wander into the Burger King, is there any way I could walk out without feeling terrible?

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According to Lifehacker, there is! Sort of!

As registered dietician Andy Bellatti explains, “when it comes to chains like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King, it isn’t so much about “healthy options”, but rather about “what is the least worst?” So if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve got to get something in your system, it’s important to know which fast food is the best (of the worst).

At McDonald’s, a few of the healthier menu items include the Ranch Snack Wrap, the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich and, believe it or not, the basic hamburger. It’s a relatively small portion, only contains 8g of fat and combined with a side salad or apple slices will probably hold you over until your next real meal.

Taco Bell probably wouldn’t be your first choice if you were looking to stay as healthy as possible, but if you stick to soft tacos and the recently implemented Fresco Menu, you can escape without clogging any arteries. It’s even more difficult to find a healthy-ish option at KFC, but the restaurant’s sides, salads and grilled chicken options will do in a pinch.

For more on the healthiest options at America’s least healthy fast food chains, be sure to read the full piece on Lifehacker.

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