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This map shows what Google users want to buy most in different countries – and it’s both funny and sad

April 29th, 2015 at 5:37 PM
Google Shopping Searches World Map

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you’ve probably searched the Internet for what certain items that you’ll want to pick up on your trip. Doing this likely involves a Google search for “How much does [Product X] cost in [Country X]?” or something similar. Per Business Insider, it seems that cost-comparison website used Google autocomplete to determine the product that people most often search for in different countries and it turned the results into a map that is by turns hilarious and sad.

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Let’s start with the more amusing searches. It’s not at all surprising the people going to Cuba search most often for cigars or the people travelling to Belgium ask about the price of beer. Other amusing search queries: People want to know how much it costs to fly a MIG aircraft in Russia, how much cocaine costs in Chile, how much a Panama hat in Ecuador costs, how much you’ll have to pay for a prostitute in Brazil, and the price of a vasectomy in New Zealand.

It’s not all laughs, however: People also want to know how much a funeral costs in Guyana, how much a kidney costs in Iran and how much slaves cost in Mauritania.

Check out the entire map below.

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