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Don’t Freak Out About Google Capping Unlimited Photo Storage – It’s Fixed

Google Photos Unlimited Storage Bug Fix

Unlimited cloud storage is one of the Google Photos features that many photographers will appreciate, something other competing services have yet to offer. However, after a newly discovered glitch in the app suggested there’s a secret limit to the storage in Google Photos, Google has confirmed that the bug was fixed.

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According to Android Police, multiple Google Photos users encountered a limit when uploading pictures to Google Photos from desktop and mobile apps. These users reached an unspecified data threshold, the Android fan site says, with uploads suddenly stopping.

“I’ve been uploading my entire photo library to the new Google Photos over the past couple of weeks and uncovered something really annoying,” one reader told the site. “I have around 70K photos and wanted to upload them all using the unlimited storage option (high quality) using the desktop uploader application. I got about 20K in when it just suddenly stopped uploading. The funny thing is, it stopped uploading/backing up ANY photos on ALL my devices, PC, laptop, phone, tablet, etc. anything tied to my Google account will no longer backup any photos.”

Such reports are especially troubling when looking at the “fix” some users discovered before Google solved the problem: They paid for extra Google Drive storage that would let them continue to upload their large galleries of photos.

“If you move to a paid Google Drive storage tier they remove (or more likely raise) the cap,” one reader said. “For the hell of it I tried this. I used free storage to upload my photos, hit the cap, went to the 100GB/$1.99 tier and just like that, my photos began uploading again. Last night, I hit this ‘cap’ again and moved to the 1TB/$9.99 tier. Voila, photos are now uploading again.”

Meanwhile, Google has not explained the bug and did not mention anything about any caps, but the company told Android Police that “we have since fixed the issue.”

“Users should no longer be experiencing any upload issues,” a Google spokesperson said.

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