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Google Now has just gotten insanely better, and very freaky

Google Now Location Aware Search

For many people, Google Search is the only way to search the web for relevant information about all sorts of topics, and the company has constantly improved it to offer more accurate and better tailored answers. In fact, the company just announced a terrific new feature that makes Google Now even more useful than before. And very freaky.

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According to Android Police, Google announced at an event in Paris a Location Aware Search feature that can answer a new set of questions, without the user having to ask questions that should include addresses or proper place names.

Asking Google Now questions like “what is this museum?” or “when was this building built?” in proximity of the Louvre in Paris will get you answers about the Louvre, as Google will be able to use your location and understand what you meant by “this” or “this building”.

The feature might not always work, and it’ll be a while until Google can answer more complex questions, but it looks like Google’s Location Aware Search feature is already available to users in the U.S. and other countries — according to this Reddit thread.

Here are some of the new questions Google Search and Google Now can answer:

  • What is this museum?
  • When does this restaurant open?
  • How tall is this? (when standing next to a tower)
  • When was this built? (for monuments)
  • What’s the name of this church?
  • What’s the phone number for this pharmacy?

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