Google’s (GOOG) Nexus 7 tablet has gotten off to a rocky start. Despite its rave reviews and early sellouts, hundreds if not thousands of disgruntled consumers are still waiting for their tablets to arrive on their doorsteps. Far worse, however, are reports that many of those lucky enough to receive a Nexus 7 were dumbfounded when they began using Google’s $199 tablet only to find a number of manufacturing defects.

Users have flocked to various online forums to report that their tablets’ displays have begun to come apart from the bezel. Apparently the adhesive is not working properly and while some users are reporting difficulties getting help from Google, there are a few do-it-yourself techniques to fix the problem.

The second issue users are reporting concerns the number of dead pixels they’re finding on the Nexus 7’s display.

Google has a 15-day return policy for the Nexus 7 and a number of other retailers have 30-day policies. Users experiencing either of these two problems might be wise to exchange the device for one that is operating properly.

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