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Here are some of the awesome perks you get as a Google intern

Published Jun 10th, 2014 11:15PM EDT
Google Internship Best Perks

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Google’s employees are among the happiest of any company in the world so it’s not surprising that its summer internships offer some pretty sweet perks. The Associated Press, via CBS News, takes a look at some of the killer benefits that Google interns are enjoying as part of their tenure in Mountain View this summer and they’re about as luxurious as you’d expect: “Bikes, buses, massages, swimming pools, dance classes, nap pods, parties,” and a whole lot more. Oh, and Google is also paying its interns more than $5,000 per month, which is a pretty sweet summer job for any college student.

Of course, Google doesn’t see these perks and seemingly high internship salaries as big expenses, especially since paying $5,000 per month for coders is basically cheap labor. Plus, the internships are part of Google’s way of attracting and evaluating talented young people who can be groomed into future Googlers. And it’s not as though interns are spending their days lounging by the pool — they really are expected to do a significant amount of work, even though Google insists that it has no desire to make them work as hard as, say, the average Wall Street intern.

“We believe in paying for work and paying our interns, full stop, but we don’t believe in making interns work all hours of the day unnecessarily, and think there are lessons to be learned in terms of managing time and workflow,” Google spokeswoman Meghan Casserly tells The Associated Press.

Brad Reed
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