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The highest paying jobs at Google

Published Aug 29th, 2015 10:05AM EDT
Google Highest Paying Jobs

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Harnessing salary data from Glassdoor, BusinessInsider recently put together a fascinating list detailing which positions at Google pay the most money. While Google, at its core, is an engineering company, they’re still a large corporation teeming with lawyers and marketing executives. Which is to say, some of the highest paying jobs at the search giant might surprise you a little bit.

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That being the case, below is a brief rundown of some of the more interesting and surprising entries on the list. Note that this list doesn’t include executive positions like CEO or senior VPs who naturally receive extremely generous salaries in the multi-hundred thousand dollar range.

While Google is primarily known for its software, the company has taken an increased interest in developing and releasing its own hardware in recent years. That being the case, if you’re a hardware engineer at Google, you’ll be taking home a cool $183 grand every year.

While Google may not be involved in as many legal battles as, say, Apple, the company still needs some top-notch lawyers on the payroll to ensure that things continue running smoothly. A typical corporate lawyer at Google will earn bout $189,000 a year.

This next one is somewhat surprising. Checking in at number 16 on a list of 20, an average communications manager at Google will rake in $190,000. BI adds: “When you’re as large as Google, it’s especially important to make sure the company’s mission and statements are as clear and well-stated as possible. That’s why the communications manager position is among Google’s most well-compensated opportunities.”

Moving further up the list, we come to site reliability engineers. If you’re a company like Google, maintaining nearly 100% uptime while also ensuring that websites are operating as intended is obviously a top priority. As a result, site reliability engineers are paid accordingly, taking home about $193 grand a year.

As an engineering company, Google naturally has many tiers to differentiate its engineers by skill, experience, and responsibility. Below is a rundown of how those varying tiers differ as it pertains to payscale.

Staff software engineer – $201,565

Lead software engineer – $207,211

Senior staff software engineer – $210,462

Senior software engineering manager – $235,772

And if we jump ahead to the top paying job at Google, it’s actually not an engineering position. As it turns out, a finance director at Google can take home a whopping $339 grand a year. While that may seem surprising, remember that a finance director has a ton of responsibility in ensuring that all of the company’s books and financial statements are in order. Messing up in this regard can have huge financial repercussions, which is why such directors are rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Make sure to hit the source link below for the full run down of the top 20 highest paying jobs at Google.

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