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Conspiracy Theory for the Watch: What Happens to Jon Snow at the End of Season 5?

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Death Eyes Theory

Spoiler alert: Below the break, we’ll talk in great detail about what happens to Jon Snow in season 5 of Game of Thrones (the last episode, if you really must know), and what fans think is coming next. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely won’t want to read any further.

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So, Jon Snow dies at the end of season 5… or does he?

Will Kit Harington reprise his role in season 6 and beyond? A new conspiracy theory that GoT fans are throwing back and forth concerns one important scene following his death.

Eagle-eyed GoT fans – which may or may not be in denial about the whole thing – have noticed a slight color change in Jon Snow’s eyes. The eyes go from dark brown to an icy purplish-blue, Decider notes, just as Jon Snow takes his final breath.

Can you see that change in the animation above? No? Well, that’s because the lighting isn’t helping. But with some cinematic magic, all that darkness is easily removed and you can clearly see Jon Snow’s eyes appear to light up.

If it’s not just an accident, it means that Jon Snow might indeed go through a transformation after death. Furthermore, this ties in nicely with the theory that Jon Snow is the son of a purpled-eye Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

Will Jon Snow come back to life in season 6? We weren’t told in our interview with one of the directors of the next season, but this conspiracy theory seems to indicate that possibility. And let’s not forget that Melisandre happened to be close by as Jon Snow died, so perhaps she will bring him back to life.

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