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Don’t freak out about Galaxy S6’s lack of microSD support – here’s what you can do about it

Galaxy S6 Storage microSD Adapters and Drives

One of the issues with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge is related to storage. Both phones come with at least 32GB of storage, but it can’t be expanded by the user using microSD cards. However, if you’re still worry about storage on smartphones even if you plan to purchase 64GB of 128GB versions, you should know there are ways to add more memory to the phones. has put together a nifty list of accessories that offer users access to more portable storage on the Galaxy S6 models.

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The list includes a variety of dongles and wireless hard drives that can be used to expand storage locally, without having to worry about relying on a cloud for more space.

The cheapest options include microSD card readers and cables that could quickly turn your existing expandable storage options into Galaxy S6 compatible accessories. Such is the case with the $12.99 Leef Access microSD Card Reader drive that can bring microSD expansion to your Samsung handset. Similarly, an inexpensive USB-OTG cable could turn any flash drive into a dongle compatible with the new smartphones.

The Leef Bridge 3.0 is a USB/microUSB dual dongle that carries up to 64GB of storage (for up to $70) and can connect both to a desktop and the Galaxy S6 to transfer files rapidly.

The SanDisk Ultra MicroUSB Drive is SanDisk’s response to the Leef, featuring a similar design and functionality. However, the device is slightly cheaper, with a 64GB model costing $35.

The Kingston Digital Data Traveler is also a dual drive that’s priced up to $27. However, the tiny accessory doesn’t have any protection for the plugs.

The SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive USB dongle offers up to 64GB of extra memory (for up to $90), but it comes with its own Wi-Fi hotspot that can be used for wireless data transfers by the Galaxy S6. The dongle has a battery good for four hours of usage, and can take even bigger microSD cards than the one is shipping with.

If these options are still unable to meet your storage needs, then you can also check Wireless Hard Drives from Samsung/Seagate that pack up to 2TB in storage that can be accessed wirelessly from the phone. These drives come with their own Wi-Fi spots and can deliver up to eight hours of battery life on a charge. However, they’ll be significantly more expensive than the aforementioned dongles.

More details about these potential storage accessories for the Galaxy S6 are available at

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