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Still dealing with slow or no Internet? Take the matter into your own hands!

Build Your Own Internet Network

There are many people still lacking a decent Internet connection or any Internet connection whatsoever since in many places ISPs haven’t deployed strong broadband infrastructure. Instead of continuously asking for them to bring Internet to you, you could simply do what the people in the Italian village of Verrua Savoia did: take the matter into your own hands, and setup your own Internet service in your community.

FROM EARLIER: How the Internet was born

The people of Verrua Savoia created the Associazione Senza fili, Senza Confini (Association without wires, without borders) group in late November and decided to bring Internet to all 1,400 residents of a 32-square-kilometer hilly region, ZDNet reports.

After paying a small fee, users can become part-owners of their own networks that gets them a pretty decent 20Mbps wireless Internet connection, which is definitely a lot better than what their neighbors get (640kbps speeds).

Other regions of the world might not be so lucky though, as Verrua Savoia residents benefited of their vicinity with Turin’s Polytechnic University, which built in recent years a wireless network using recycled materials and provided access to the entire municipal area to start their project.

More details about this complex Internet connectivity project developed in the hills of Verrua Savoia are available in the full report at the source link.

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