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BlackBerry Storm drops to $99 on Amazon

The BlackBerry Storm is on a fire sale right now. First it was Verizon’s BOGO sale and now Amazon has jumped on the bandwagon, offering the Storm for a mere $99 with a 2-year contract. No need to buy two storms as this deal applies to a single Storm purchase and the price drop comes in the form of an instant discount which means there are no annoying rebate forms to fill out. Yippee! This deal does have its restrictions: You’ll need to sign up for a 2-year agreement and for the first 181 days you cannot lower your calling plan, switch the phone to a different line or fail to pay your bill. Most of those requirements are agreeable and not a big deal for someone buying the phone for themselves but those who switch out their phones on a regular basis or are looking to resell the Storm may be run into some problems as a result. If you fancy one Storm for $99 over Verizon’s 2 Storms for $199, head on over to Amazon’s website.

[Via Gear Diary]