Super Glue is great for quick fixes when you have to attach two pieces of plastic to each other, but there’s a new, more versatile tool out there that can handle a number of different jobs Super Glue just can’t handle. Meet Bondic, a futuristic bonding liquid that you can apply to a variety of materials to fuse them together. The cool part is that applying Bondic is only half of the process; after you squeeze Bondic onto a seam or between two objects, you have to cure it with the included UV light. Then, it hardens and forms a bond right before your eyes.

Bondic can fix broken glasses, charger cables, wood furniture or almost anything else you can think of. Check out the video below for a few demos, and beneath that you’ll find a link to purchase a Bondic kit good for 100 fixes for just $22 with free shipping.

Bondic Repair Kit With UV LED, $22 with free shipping