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7 awesome paid iPhone apps that are all free downloads right now

Zach Epstein
March 31st, 2015 at 10:52 AM
Best Free iPhone Apps

Monday’s list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free had a few gems on it, and several of them are actually still free downloads if you hurry back to yesterday’s post. Today’s batch of app sales is hot out of the oven though, so you won’t have to rush quite as much to take advantage of these deals.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

My Data Widget

Normally $0.99.

A simple widget that provides information about your cellular and wifi usage of the month/day/week.

– Daily wifi usage
– Daily cellular data usage
– Monthly cellular data usage
– Set cellular data limit
– Warning notification
– Tap to expand widget
– Data upload/download breakdown
– manually set cellular usage
– 7 day chart breakdown

Download My Data Widget

Kiwake Alarm Clock

Normally $0.99.

Tired of oversleeping? If you really want to stop hitting the snooze button, then Kiwake is the best solution for you! This smart alarm is specifically designed to transform you into an early-bird, and it’s actually easier than you think. You just didn’t have the right tools before.

Let’s face-it: regular alarms don’t work very well. You just hit the snooze button as many times as you could, then rush for the rest of your morning trying not to be late. What you really need is a coach that will help you build a strong morning routine, and that’s exactly what Kiwake is designed for.

Kiwake will drive you out of bed, whether you want-it or not! Like any good coach, it will give you a hard time if you don’t follow the rules, but also respect you when you actually do. The more you stick to your routine, the less annoying it becomes.
*** Launch celebration sale! Hurry up to get Kiwake for a limited-time special price! ***
Kiwake’s mission is to walk you through a brief but complete wake-up process to make sure that you are fully awake.

This process can be divided into three main categories you need to wake up every morning:

1. Your Body, by standing up and leaving your bed.

2. Your Brain, by stimulating it and keeping it away from excuses you could find to go back to sleep.

3. Your Motivation, by reading your goals to start your day inspired.

Kiwake will request a proof that you went through each of those categories:

■ Body wake-up: take a picture of an object far from your bed to prove you left it. This is an object that you already saved when you have set the alarm. You could take advantage of this by getting close to the shower or immediately starting your coffee maker.

■ Brain wake-up: complete a quick mini-game that requires your full attention. By focusing on the game, your brain will not be able to manipulate you with those famous excuses to go back to bed. You know, the ones like “Meh… a shower will only take me one minute” or “I can prepare and pack my lunch in 30 sec”.

■ Motivation wake-up: read and check all your main goals, because there is no better way to jumpstart your day than giving yourself a motivation boost!

◦ No snooze button : don’t try to find one, there are none and it’s better for you.

◦ Cooldown timer : not snoozing doesn’t mean you have to instantly jump out of bed. Take some time to stretch first (3 min max)

◦ Intuitive, effective and easy to use interface.

◦ Customizable settings :
– add multiple alarms, with the possibility to set specific days of the week.
– choose between a variety of mini-games, their length and difficulty.
– set the right cooldown time for you.
– choose between various ringtones, or even use your own music.

◦ Very precise image recognition : easily knows if you took a picture of the right object.

◦ Sleep sounds: a selection of natural sounds to help you fall asleep.

Download Kiwake Alarm Clock


Normally $0.99.

KeyCalc allows users to make calculations in any app with the ease of a slide or touch!

Many people are frustrated with having to calculate something on their phone, but they have to keep repeatedly switching back and forth between apps to access a basic calculator. What if there was a solution to this ongoing problem. Wait there is! KeyCalc comes with a full feature four function calculator that is a keyboard. Also this app comes with a calculator widget to calculate without leaving the app you are in.
This app includes:
-Calculator Widget: To calculate in any app
-Third Party Calculator Keyboard: To calculate the answers to your text messages

If you don’t know how to activate the keyboard and widget the app will tell you how.
Both the widget and keyboard are basic four-function calculators.

Themes Coming Soon…

Download KeyCalc


Normally $1.99.

You don’t like to copy the music to iTunes?
Your device’s storage is not enough for your music?
And you want to have your own music for listening anywhere?
OTunes helps you to listen all the music in your One Drive. Play your songs from the cloud with 3 easy steps:
1. Copy your songs to a folder in your One Drive
2. Connect to your One Drive account from app
3. Play music and relax

– Stream music files (mp3, m4a etc) from One Drive
– Or download to your phone for offline listening
– Playlist for all the mp3 or other common sound formats
– Control through control center
– Shuffle mode

Download OTunes

Ditto Keyboard

Normally $0.99.

Whether it’s recruiting, sales, or other daily communication, the messages that take us longest to write are often those with the most repetition.

With Ditto, save your most commonly used phrases, templates, and other text.

Through the keyboard, you can access all of your Dittos wherever you may need them.

Stop wasting time, and start getting things done!

Download Ditto Keyboard

aTimeLogger 2

Normally $2.99.

Application for tracking your everyday activities.

Spending only a few minutes a day on this app you will get daily, weekly and monthly statistics in the form of diagrams and graphs. Using this data you’ll be able to control and manage your time.

aTimeLogger 2 is the right solution for everyone:
– business people with an intensive daily routine;
– sportsmen who value every minute of their day;
– parents in order to control their children’s daily activities;
– everyone who is interested in what activities they spend their day on and those who want to control and optimize their time.

Application features:
– easy and intuitive interface
– iOS 8 widget for quick start/stop activities
– goals
– pause/resume activities
– groups
– simultaneous activities (enable them in Settings)
– many statistics available in form of graphs and pie charts
– reports in different formats (CSV and HTML)
– backup and restore
– a huge number of icons for activity types and ability to upload custom icons
– the best support :-)

Download aTimeLogger 2

ASCII Art Keyboard

Normally $0.99.

ASCII Art keyboard is a third-part keyboard application for iOS 8, after you activate the embedded keyboard, you can type ASCII character emotions freely like using the system keyboard.

It also works fine in iOS7, you just need to copy it.

Q: How to add ‘ASCII Art Keyboard’ for iOS 8 ?

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards.

Tap Add New Keyboard, then choose ‘ASCII Art’ keyboard from the list.

Download ASCII Art Keyboard

Zach Epstein

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