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8 awesome paid iPhone apps on sale for free today only

Best Free iPhone Apps

We do our best to help you start off each week on the right foot, and there’s no better way to put a smile on an iPhone user’s face than to serve up a heaping helping of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. Today’s list includes eight nifty iOS apps, but these sales will be over before you know it, so hurry!

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $0.99.

Mac version has been released!
Download address:
Please visit our website for more information:
Copy and paste between devices within 1 second!
Not more than one button need to be pressed!
No wifi/bluetooth connection is needed!
Auto generate QR codes from clipboard!
Auto copy decoded content to clipboard!
You can even auto save to your photo library!
URL, phone numbers or time detection, one tap to browse, to call or to create an event!

Especially useful for those who have more than one iOS devices.

Telepaste uses QR codes as a media, is able to auto capture contents from your pasteboard and generate QR code before you get in the app. You don’t have to press any button to generate the code! Telepaste also supports auto-copying the decoded contents to the pasteboard, really a convenient utility! Don’t miss it!

Telepaste has the fastest scanning speed and best accuracy, and allows you to save the codes you generate or scan to Photo Library with various size. You can even adjust the UI transparency!

Download Telepaste


Normally $1.99.

Add animated text, stickers, music and more to your pictures and videos with Layered.

Create unique images and movies and then share them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and via Email.

Layered Features:

• Use touch gestures to record motion, animate, change color, and transparency levels to text and graphics

• Dozens of animated and still sticker graphics to use on any picture or video

• Over 30 beautiful fonts and cool text labels to your pics and vids

• Add music from your iTunes library to your Layered creations

• Save and share Layered photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or through email

Read what the critics have to say:

“With Layered you can create marketing videos to promote your company. From rock bands to rockstar mom bloggers you can easily create short teasers to entice and engage your customers.” – (5 Stars)

“The quality of this app, in terms of both its form and function, is almost unrivaled when you compare it to the endless droves of generic image editor apps that flood the App Store. This is one that you’re definitely going to want to check out!” –

“I’d seen plenty of photo apps that provided these types of overlay effects, however I was intrigued when I saw that the effect could be applied to video, so I knew I had to check Layered out. And I’m glad I did, because the app is not merely a unique concept, it’s a solid, high performing app that has a great UI to match.” –

“…Layered is an ideal accompaniment for those who want to make their photography a bit more vibrant and active.” (4 Stars) –

Be sure to allow Layered to access your photos when you first launch the app.

Download Layered


Normally $1.99.

Three seconds a bill. Fast, Security and Easy to use is our aim, and iOS notification center widget.

◎ Three seconds only: pull down, fill money, choose category
◎ iOS notification center widget: you can easily account when iPhone lock screen
◎ Passcode security: everyone cannot open, only you. even double-click the Home button, in the App list can not view the data
◎ Support more than 130 kinds of currency, conversion exchange rate automatic updates
◎ Calculator: built-in calculator, more convenient and faster
◎ Full gestures: fast billing basic
◎ Humane beginners guide: for special operations, we guide the way through the animation + text, more intuitive, easier to understand
◎ iCloud backup & restore
◎ Dropbox backup & restore
◎ Export data to CSV via Email

◎ Expense & Income bills can be added photos
◎ Income, Expense, Transfer, the others have
◎ Graphical reports, allowing you to easily view the balance of payments situation year / month / week
◎ Budget management: give yourself a reason to control consumption
◎ A variety of color themes and wallpaper, allows you to fully personalize
◎ Custom categories and consumption expenditure accounts, more in line with your needs
◎ Supports iPhone & iPad

◎ Easy copy history through gestures and automatically positioned in the day consumption date, you only need to modify the money can be. of course, you can use the existing money saved directly
◎ You can also add categories and account when billing editing, click on the banner to change currency

If you give up because of difficulties
If you give up because of busy
If you want to know where expenses
If you want to save money
If 。。。

Try our “DayCost” it, she will be your best assistant

Download DayCost

Simple Wallpapers

Normally $0.99.

A lot of people want to have their own designed a set of wallpaper, the style that suits oneself, the type of wallpaper system comes to the style is too little, can’t to modify the design into a unique wallpaper.

The wallpaper of App Store sell like hot cakes, are mostly some pictures on the website, not suitable for revision, and some applications, if you want to use their own style, you also need to pay for many times, can be normal use, more troublesome.

All people want to use more simple steps, spend less money and get a more suitable for themselves, more can show your own wallpaper to use.
This application does not add any advertising information, do not need any traffic after the installation is complete, can be easily customized wallpaper. Suitable for the iPhone and the use, the main style is simple and easy, custom sense is very strong.

First interface is all functions on the right below the entry to the menu, click on the following you can find all kinds of operation, can change the background or select the ornament style, you can also select background tile style, design, user can choose to save the photo album, and then change the wallpaper into the system.

This system should be used in applications in ornament and the tile brush outline, do not use images, not only ensure different size not distortion, also guarantee the application take up the space is minimized.
The application completed by myself, from the total finishing materials to the design to the development and release, hope that we support a lot.

If found to have any problems, or have any comments or Suggestions, welcome to leave a message in the App Store review, or direct contact email address, I will update in time.

If there is an attractive idea or demand, welcome to discuss together, also hope to be able to produce more and better application, back to a wider user.

Download Simple Wallpapers


Normally $0.99.

Work.JOT is easy to master and provides Amazing interface to manage Tasks & log Timesheet entries; so just JOT, Manage, Analyze, Report and make ‘Everyday Productive’.

Our App makes it easy to track your projects across various clients, Keep a log of cost incurred across projects and much more. Create monthly Timesheet & Task reports in PDF format.


Complete Task management.

Create multiple lists for ‘Important-Tasks’, Bills , Grocery to get things done.

Intuitive user interface separates current important tasks from future ones.

Get notified when a task is due.

Create & log Timesheet entries and track work done across projects.

Easily add new Clients and Projects.

Add Tasks & Sub-Tasks for greater project visibility.

Trendy dashboard displaying latest Stats & Inspirational Quotes.

Powerful dynamic dashboards to track Project hours & monthly tasks.

Create & Mail Timesheet/Task Reports in PDF format.

Personalize your App experience by setting up your preferences in the app.

Download Work.JOT


Normally $2.99.

This is an English version of a famous Russian study organizer (for schools and universities). Very minimalistic but has everything you need. Study schedule, notes are attached to classes, homework with notifications, grades, grades analytic. Take a pictures or use voice recording as a note. Very simple. Very useful.

Download i-School


Normally $0.99.

Transform your photos very easily into delightful abstract compositions.

XnShape analyses your photo and create mosaic of shape.
It is very easy to change settings to create amazing works.

– Simple User Interface
– Several choice of shapes including square, circle, triangle, line, cross, text
– Customize your effect by changing the shadow, rendering type, border size, scaling and more.
– Background color based on palette of the picture
– Change background color based on the color palette of the picture
– Save to camera roll
– Export to PDF vector format
– Share to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vkontakte & Email

Download XnShape

Speed PRO Multiplayer

Normally $1.99.

Speed PRO Multiplayer is the ultimate multiplayer game for people that walk, run, cycle or do any other type of motion activity. Download now and start turning your motion activities into an exciting and competitive multiplayer game!

** Featured in Apple’s “New&Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” lists! **

– GPS Tracking
– Activity Tracking and Charting (Step Count, Stairs Ascended, Stairs Descended)
– Multi Player Tracking: Track up to 3 other players in real-time
– Track Database: iCloud or local
– Track Editing: Trim off the unwanted portions in your saved tracks
– Real-time Speedometers: Speed, top speed, average speed, course, distance, altitude
– Auto Play switch: App automatically starts playing when you start moving (Press&Hold the Play button to show the Auto Play switch)
– Background Location Updates: Enabled when: the ’Background Updates’ option is on; connected to other players; playing a game

– Built-In Games: Dozens of popular games are built into the app
– Game Builders: Build your own custom games (Time-Based, Distance-Based, and Geo-Fence Based)
– Single Player: Records your top scores for each game
– Turn Based Gaming: Up to 16 other players per game; Messaging; View track and motion data of all players
– Ghost Player: A ghost map pin of the top opponent player is displayed on the game map
– Games End Automatically: Games end automatically when the app detects that you finished. You just need to finish
– Versus Leaderboards: View per game Wins/Losses versus your friends
– Total Wins Leaderboards: View Total Wins achieved by you and your friends
– Top Speed Leaderboards: Show the highest speed you’ve ever reached during a particular type of motion activity (Tap ‘Report’ in your speedometer view from Tracking map)
– Dropbox account is required to share your track and motion data with other players

– Portrait and Landscape screens
– Share images of maps and speedometers
– Share tracks in KML

1) Game Center account required
2) Dropbox account required to share your Turn Based games tracks

1) Start the app
2) Tap the ’Tracking’ button in the main menu
3) Tap the Telephone button to connect with friends

* The Location Accuracy setting “Best for Navigation” yields the best GPS readings possible (this setting uses more of your battery). *

* This app does not require users to tap any buttons while driving. Please be safe and don’t tap buttons while you’re driving. *

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. *

Download Speed PRO Multiplayer

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