It’s Friday, and you’re probably texting your friends about going out tonight. Yes, you might have a hard time choosing which bars to hit, and yes, you might be tired of going to the same places over and over. As cliché as it may sound, there’s an app that can fix that. Called Bar Roulette, the app uses two mobile apps to put a different spin on your night out plans.

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Rather than wasting time choosing a bar for the evening, load the Bar Roulette online service that will use a combination of Uber and Yelp functionality to take you and your friends to a random bar for the night, keeping the destination secret until the very moment you arrive. Because it’s using Uber, it means you won’t have to think about hailing cabs, or doing the driving yourself. Yelp, meanwhile, will make sure that the chosen bar won’t be a mediocre one.

To get it going, just load the app on your device, sign in with Uber (yes, you need an Uber account), set a mile radius for these trips and you’re done with all the heavy lifting. The app then orders an Uber for you, telling the driver where you have to be and instructing him not to share the secret.

Sure, from time to time you may end up in the same bars you usually hang out with, but Bar Roulette will make your entire experience a lot more fun.

The app is available on iPhone and Android… and any other device for that matter, as it’s not actually a mobile or desktop app, but rather a web app – just visit this link to get it started.

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