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AT&T's wireless division posts solid gains in Q1

For all that’s been said in the past year about the poor performance of AT&T’s network, it seems the average person simply doesn’t care, as AT&T just announced its Q1 2010 results and — surprise! — the wireless division fared very well. Here are the key takeaways. AT&T gained 1.9 million subscribers (a Q1 record) and now has 87 million souls subscribers. Wireless service revenue was up 10.3% from the same time last year at $12.8 billion while wireless data revenue, which totalled $4.1 billion, was up 29.8% from Q1 2009. Post-paid ARPU increased to $61.89 while data ARPU moved up $20.13. Post-paid churn fell to a record low of 1.07% while the overall churn rate decreased to 1.30%. All in all, 2.7 million iPhones were activated (1/3 of them to new AT&T customers) alongside 3.3 million “3G integrated devices” (ie. touchscreen or QWERTY). Integrated devices are now in the hands of roughly half of AT&T’s 65.1 million post-paid customers and have an ARPU 1.7 times higher than other customers.

Think AT&T will be able to keep up the pace?