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These 8 problems with the Apple Watch are ‘infuriating’

Published May 4th, 2015 11:10AM EDT
Apple Watch Problems
Image: Apple Inc.

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Here we go.

Since Apple’s new Watch is the latest and greatest product from the world’s top technology company, you can expect to see the device dominate headlines for weeks to come. This is especially true in the case of the Apple Watch even more so than some other devices, since supply isn’t coming anywhere close to meeting demand, giving people plenty to complain about.

Of course, complaints that focus on Apple’s supply issues are valid; perhaps Apple should have waited to launch the device until manufacturing issues were ironed out and they could be built more quickly. But you’ll also see plenty of ridiculous complaints surrounding the Apple Watch since people love to complain.

Case in point: A recent article titled “8 Infuriating Problems With The Apple Watch.”

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There is absolutely no question that there are problems with the Apple Watch — there are problems with everything. But there is also absolutely no question that several of the “infuriating problems” listed in the Huffington Post’s recent article are just ridiculous.

If you’re going to write an article about problems with the Apple Watch, there is plenty of fuel for that fire. The launch has been a mess, the setup and settings are more complicated than any other mobile Apple device, some people have found that the companion app is having a big negative impact on iPhone battery life, and people who want an Apple Watch still can’t buy one from Apple and hope to receive it anytime soon.

Things you probably shouldn’t list among the “infuriating problems” with the device, however, are “the sides can get scratched up,” “it shatters when dropped,” and “it just plain freaks people out.”

It freaks people out? Really?

The first two aforementioned problems are bad enough. Newsflash: when you drop a device with a glass screen, it might break. And when you bang a watch against a hard surface, it might get scratched.

But the last one takes the cake:

Some people have complained that the Apple Watch’s app screen looks like an object with “an irregular pattern of holes,” sort of resembling a beehive. Focusing on it makes them feel queasy or fearful. This is known as trypophobia, and it may have to do with a part of your brain misidentifying the hole clusters as a “poisonous animal,” according to the Association for Psychological Science. Yikes.


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