The Apple Watch does a lot of different things but one of its most basic functions is its ability to tell you the time. Even though this is an extremely obvious feature, it seems that many Apple Watch owners are nonetheless surprised by how often they use the device to check the time.

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Per The Independent, research firm Wristly conducted a survey of Apple Watch users where it asked them to list the device features that they were surprised to be using and the features they were surprised they weren’t using more. 48% of Apple Watch users said they were using the device to check the time more than they thought they would, while 51% said they were using it to tell time about as much as expected.

Other unexpectedly popular uses for the Apple Watch included activity tracking, which 70% of users said they were surprised they used, and measuring heart rates, which 42% said they were surprised they used. Users also reported being surprised at how little they were using the device to listen to music and podcasts and how little they were using it for messaging options.

Check out a chart of Wristly’s findings below.

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