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Apple reportedly working on a video game controller for iOS devices

The mobile gaming space is shifting from the dominant casual titles such as Angry Birds to hardcore games such as Shadowgun and Grand Theft Auto III. As smartphones and tablets become more powerful, games are becoming more complex as well. Unfortunately, both device categories have a major flaw where gaming is concerned: touch controls. Using a touchscreen and accelerometer is extremely limited, and in many cases frustrating as well. A number of third-party accessories look to solve the problem, but now it looks like Apple may be working on an OEM option. During its iPad review, AnandTech briefly mentioned that Apple is working on a physical gaming controller for iOS devices. “I know of an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market, but whether or not it will ever see the light of day remains to be seen,” the site said. “As smartphones and tablets come close to equalling the performance of current game consoles, I feel like the controller problem must be addressed.” While no other details are given, previous Apple patents have suggested the Cupertino-based company is taking gaming very seriously.