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You need to see how hideous the original iPhone looked running the decoy version of iOS

October 6th, 2014 at 1:39 PM

It goes without saying that the original iPhone blew away the tech world when it was first unveiled in 2007. However, the development of the device was such a secret that not even all of Apple’s hardware engineers were allowed to test out the finished product that ran iOS. The Next Web points out that Apple actually developed an ugly, dumbed-down version of iOS known as “Skankphone” software that Apple engineers used to test out the device’s hardware capabilities to prevent leaks of the final UI design. As you might expect, this decoy user interface looked absolutely hideous.

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As you can see, there were no cute skeuomorphic icons on the home screen like the ones found in the finished product — instead, we get an extremely unattractive set of blue rectangles that give us the options to manage basic settings.

If you think the home screen is nasty, however, you haven’t see anything yet. The phone dialer screen sets new standards for ugly with an uneven layout of icons that would have made Steve Jobs go on a murderous rampage if this was the actual final design of iOS.

If you want to check out even more pictures showing how hideous the iPhone looked running on the “Skankphone” software, head on over to The Next Web by clicking the source link below.

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