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Man who said Apple would ‘disappear’ if it didn’t release Apple Watch by last May predicts Apple’s next big project

August 13th, 2015 at 7:05 PM
Apple Heads Up Display Prediction

There are many Apple analysts out there — some of them are good and some of them are… not-so-good. The most amusing Apple analyst bar none, however, is Global Equities Research analyst “Acid” Trip Chowdhry, who infamously declared that Apple would “disappear” if it didn’t release the Apple Watch by last MayStreet Insider informs us that Chowdhry is back with a new prediction about Apple’s next big project and it’s apparently going to be a heads up display (HUD) that measures anywhere from 27 inches to 50 inches.

“It is very likely that Apple is working on some new device with the following characteristics,” Chowdhry writes in a new research note. “A device which is 27″ to 50″ Curved Glass somewhat resembling a car windshield or a curved display; the whole surface area acts like an HUD (Heads Up Display); the various sensors are built right into the Glass. We think this could be the next generation of some computing device, which may be completely gesture controlled.”

While it’s entirely possible that Apple is indeed working on a massive gesture-controlled HUD, we’d caution against believing Chowdhry’s report simply because it was written by Chowdhry. Earlier this year, for example, he made a bold prediction that the Apple Watch would launch with 100,000 (!!!) Apple Watch apps available to buy in the App Store. As it turned out, there were only 3,000 apps available at launch.

Hey, you were only off by 97,000, Trip!

Chowdhry also predicted last year that Apple was working on a developing its own 3D printer, which is yet another rumor that has only been whispered about by the voices in his head so far.

At any rate, we’ll happily eat our words the minute Apple launches a 3D-printing HUD that supports over 100,000 apps at launch but for now we’ll toss this prediction into the “point-and-laugh” rumor bin.

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