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Watch these videos to learn about every Android 5.0 Lollipop trick you never knew existed

Android 5.0 Lollipop Tips And Tricks Video

At this point, we’ve already talked about the major features that Google added to Android with its new Lollipop release — the new Material Design user interface, the battery-saving features that have been added thanks to Project Volta and actionable notifications that appear on your lock screen. However, Droid Life has spent the last week searching out some of the lesser known new features that Google has added to its mobile platform and has posted a terrific series of videos showing off some great Android 5.0 Lollipop tricks you’ve probably never heard of.

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In the video below, for example, we get a demonstration of a new feature called screen pinning that will let you pin whatever app is on your screen so that it’s the only thing you’ll be able to access on the device. This is useful if you want to share something with another person but don’t want to give them access to your entire phone when you hand it over.

This video, meanwhile, shows you how to change notification settings for individual apps to prioritize their importance. Among other things, this will help ensure that your phone doesn’t buzz every time someone favorites a tweet. It also lets you mark some notifications as “sensitive,” which means they won’t appear on your device if it’s locked.

And this latest video shows how you can add individual Chrome tabs separately in the app switcher feature so that the tabs themselves get treated as their own apps. This way, you can switch between tabs on the app switcher instead of having to go to Chrome in the app switcher and then finding the tab you want. Droid Life says this feature doesn’t work great just yet but it’s still a very intriguing addition.

These are just some of the tricks Droid Life has exposed in its videos, of course. To get the full list, check out Droid Life’s Android 5.0 Features video hub by clicking the source link below.

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