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3 secret Amazon shopping tricks that will save you money

Amazon doesn’t always have the lowest prices, but it does put a lot of effort into making you think it always has the lowest prices. With this in mind, we were very interested to read WiseBread’s list of Amazon shopping secrets that can help you save money. What makes this particular list so good is that it not only tells you tricks for knowing what to buy at Amazon, but for knowing what not to buy at Amazon.

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First, you should know that Amazon makes a point of discounting items with high user reviews. It does this because it figures that if lots of people are searching for something that’s popular and they see it at a lower price than other places, they will assume Amazon simply has better prices overall.

Similarly, Amazon also makes a point of discounting products that are getting a lot of buzz at a given time, which WiseBread says regularly includes products such as “Fitbit Charge Activity Wristband, Dyson vacuum cleaners, Keurig coffee makers, and the Jawbone Wireless Speaker.” Anything that people are more likely to search for at a certain time is something that Amazon will likely sell for less than competitors.

Finally, you should know that Amazon compensates for discounting well reviewed items by charging more for less popular items. As WiseBread puts it, “these ‘other products’ are items that are not very glamorous in nature and tend to be more ‘needs’ than ‘wants.'” So if you’re looking to buy paper towels or shampoo in bulk, you’re likely better off buying them through Walmart or Costco.

These are just some of the shopping tricks we learned from WiseBread’s post. To read the whole thing for yourself, click here.

Prior to joining BGR as News Editor, Brad Reed spent five years covering the wireless industry for Network World. His first smartphone was a BlackBerry but he has since become a loyal Android user.