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Adobe confirms Flash for iPhone, Apple says when

September 30th, 2008 at 3:00 PM

One of the biggest gripes about the iPhone is its lack of Flash support (and believe us, that is a huge deal). Now, after waiting so friggin’ long, Adobe has officially confirmed that Flash is pretty much ready to go. This can open up the floodgates to new applications and developers who were hoping to write some Flash-based apps. Safari will no longer display pages with that stupid little Lego block icon telling us, “Sorry, no Flash. U r teh suck!” Still, Apple decides when and where on all things, well, Apple. Jens Brynildsen, a Flash expert and reputable Flash source says:

“Upon a direct question from the audience, Paul Betlem for the first time publicly confirmed that Adobe is actively developing a Flash Player for Apple’s popular phone. He said (not direct quote) ‘My team is working on Flash on the iPhone, but it’s a closed platform.’ He noted that Apple makes all the decisions, so in other words, the ball is in Apple’s yard at this time. If Apple says yes, Adobe will have the player available in a very short time.”

All you iPhone users can now rejoice since it’s not just a rumor anymore – it’s official and waiting. *In Darth Vader voice* Your training is complete.

Thanks, Terry!


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