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10 of the best surprising twists in movie history

Top 10 Movie Twists

A twist ending can make or break a movie. If it undermines everything that came before it, viewers will get frustrated and lose sight of the fact that everything they saw before the twist was worth watching. On the other hand, surprises can occasionally elevate the material even higher, leaving moviegoers retracing the steps of the movie days or weeks after they’ve left the theater.

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In one of their latest videos, CineFix has put together a list of the top 10 twists in movie history. Like other CineFix videos, the movies aren’t just ranked by quality. Instead, groups of movies are split up based on what kind of twist they have, and then the best movie is chosen from each category.

For example, when it comes to movies where the characters in the movie know the twist all along, but the viewer is kept unaware until right before the credits roll, The Sting comes out on top. Ocean’s Eleven, Lucky Number Slevin and The Game were all up for consideration, but the classic Paul Newman film managed to beat them out.

Keep in mind, there are plenty of spoilers throughout the video, so if you’d planned on watching any of these movies, maybe save the video as a bookmark for another day. Otherwise, you can watch it below:

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