Forget about nuclear threats if you can! Forget about that Google guy who just wrote a memo that seems taken out from a Handmaid’s Tale series. And forget about the iPhone 8’s notch, we’ll just have to learn to live with it. It’s time to talk movies trailers right now. And forget about the Russia investigation — well, we do have a Russia-related movie that will make it impossible to forget this particular nation.

6 Days

It happened in April 1980, but it may as well have happened last week. No, 6 Days it’s not a Russia or nuclear story. It’s about terrorism, about an event that actually happened almost 40 years ago. Armed men took over the Iranian Embassy in London, holding the place for six days. The movie launched on August 4th at the New Zealand International Film Festival, and will hit other markets in early September.

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Go might not like the title of this movie. But you might. Duck Duck Goose is a hilarious comedy about… bird diversity? You’ll have to wait until April 20th to catch this one in a cinema.

Keep Watching

6 Days isn’t the only film dealing with hostage taking. But Keep Watching isn’t a story based on real-life events. Instead, we’ve got a family who’s held hostage in its own home, with someone watching. Yes, it’s a scary movie, but it doesn’t have a release date yet.


Speaking of strange, scary stories, let’s revisit Mother!. We saw a teaser last week, and now we have a full trailer for this Jennifer Lawrence movie. It’s also about a family who’s got to deal with a stranger who’s taking over their home.

Pup Star: Better 2Gether

Cute dogs that talk to each other while they try to survive stardom and save the world? Well, they might not be working on saving the whole world, but someone is clearly going after them. Pup Star: Better 2Gether is probably not on your “must-see” list this year. But you should know launches on August 29th in select theaters but also online.

Same Kind of Different as Me

This isn’t the first time we watch a Same Kind of Different as Me ,trailer, but that doesn’t make it any less attractive. It’s a drama about a homeless man, and what his friendship means to a struggling family. Djimon Hounsou plays the homeless man, while Renee Zellweger and Greg Kinnear are the family that needs saving.

The Death of Stalin

See, I told you that we’re soon going to revisit Russia because we’ve got a movie about it. The Death of Stalin tells the story of Stalin’s last days on Earth. Stalin was one of the world’s greatest dictators — and I don’t mean that in a complimentary way — so what better way to see what happened after he died than through a drama/comedy loosely based on historical events. An amazing cast including Steve Buscemi, Jason Isaacs, Olga Kurylenko, Rupert Friend, and Jeffrey Tambor will bring to life some of the characters that fought for power in Russia after the dictator’s death. The movie hits cinemas on October 20th, but have a quick taste right now:

The Limehouse Golem

The Limehouse Golem seems to be a Sherlock Holmes movie with Jack The Ripper influences. We’ve got an investigator chasing a serial killer who’s wreaking havoc in 19th century London. The horror story launches on September 8th.


Remember Wonder? Well, we have a new trailer anyway. We’ve got a kid whose got a very tough job ahead. He has to learn to deal with the world’s cruelty a lot sooner than most of us do because he has a scarred face like no other kid his age. Starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay,Wonder launches on November 17th.

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