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The 8 biggest questions ‘Game of Thrones’ left unanswered

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

Gone are the years when HBO would kill Jon Snow at the end of a Game of Thrones season, leaving us all to speculate whether he’s coming back. The finale of season 7 is chock-full of events, leaving us with plenty of burning questions ahead of next year’s final season. But that’s all I can tell you without spoiling any of the action in last night’s The Dragon and the Wolf.

Does The Mountain know what’s coming?

Something that The Hound said made me wonder whether The Mountain knows the Night King is coming. “You know who’s coming for you,” The Hound tells his zombie brother. What does that really mean? Is it a threat? Or a heads up that the Night King is on his way?

Did Tyrion know Cersei was going to fake it all?

We don’t really get to see what Tyrion and Cersei talked about after he realizes she’s pregnant. That scene was amazing, but the ending was a bit off. We have no idea how Tyrion convinced Cersei to change her mind. Is it possible that Tyrion knew Cersei will offer only empty promises? Is he going to betray Dany?

Image source: HBO

How did Sansa and Arya plan it all?

It’s no question that Littlefinger got what he deserves in the season finale, proving that a fan theory was right. Arya and Sansa have been planning this all along, but we’ve never been invited into all this scheming. And we may never learn how they fooled Littlefinger.

Do Tormund and Beric die?

It seems like an awfully cheap way to kill off two important characters. But then again, you never know when you’re going to die. Tormund and Beric may have survived. They may have made it to a portion of the wall that’s not destroyed by undead Viserion. But we’ll have no way of knowing until next season. Also, can’t help but think of what Brienne will think.

Did the Night King know?

I’ve had this question for a while now. Did the Night King know that he’ll get a dragon? Was this the only plan of breaching the wall? It certainly seems like the walkers were waiting for something like this to finally push beyond the wall.

Image source: HBO

Why didn’t Bran know about the marriage?

Bran either knows everything that happened in the past, or he doesn’t. Yes, he’s still learning, but why is it that he didn’t know about the Rhaegar and Lyanna? After all, he did hear the baby’s name during his earlier vision. Was he not curious to explore the events that preceded the birth of Jon Snow?

Is Sam still oblivious to the fate of his family?

I found it odd that Bran needed Sam to realize that Jon Snow is the actual legitimate heir to the throne. But I found it even strange that Sam Tarly seemed unaffected by what happened just recently with his family. His father and brother died at the hand of Daenerys. Given that he was on the road for a few weeks to reach Winterfell, he must have found out what happened. Yet he showed absolutely no sign of distress whatsoever.

Is Jaime going at it alone?

We see Jaime leaving Cersei and probably heading North to keep his promise and fight the undead. But is he going at it alone? He’s not taking Bronn with him or any of his loyal lords that he commanded over the years?

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