We’re now just two days away from Samsung’s hotly anticipated Galaxy Note 8 unveiling, and Android fans couldn’t be more excited. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the Galaxy Note 8 is the most eagerly awaited Android smartphone of 2017. Last year’s Galaxy Note 7 was a smash hit until an unfortunate manufacturing defect forced Samsung to discontinue it, and users were not happy about it at all. There was even a group of diehard Note 7 fans who refused to return their phones despite the potential dangers, and they held onto their Galaxy Note 7 phones right up until Samsung released a software update that prevented them from being charged.

Phablets make up the hottest space in the smartphone market right now, and all those users have been dying for a new Samsung flagship phablet ever since then. Well, on Wednesday their prayers will be answered and Samsung will finally unveil the Galaxy Note 8.

You already know exactly what to expect from the Galaxy Note 8 thanks to all the leaks over the past few months, so you know you’re going to buy one as soon as it’s available. You also know it’s made of glass just like the Galaxy S8, and it’s going to need some serious protection. Lucky for you, Lumion already has a bunch of great cases ready to do the job. Order them now, and your precious Galaxy Note 8 will have top-of-the-line protection ready and waiting once you finally get your hands on it. You can shop all of Lumion’s Galaxy Note 8 cases right here on Amazon, or learn more about each one below.

The Gardien

The Gardien is a hybrid case that offers terrific protection and a slim profile. It’s also available in six different colors including Black Metallic, Dark Silver, Metallic Silver, Gold Sand, Orchid Purple and Blue Coral.

Key features:

  • Pocket-Friendly: Rounded edges make it easy to slip into bags and pockets
  • Dual-Layer: Shock-resistant materials are layered to create double reinforcements against daily drops
  • Raised Edges: Materials surrounding screen and cut-outs are raised to protect exposed areas

The Diamont

This Galaxy Note 8 case is perfect for people who want great protection without covering up Samsung’s gorgeous design. The clear back and front piece meet at a polycarbonate bumper that comes in six different colors.

Key features:

  • Pocket-Friendly: Rounded edges make it easy to slip into bags and pockets
  • Transparent Build: Durable and super clear TPU hugs every edge for a perfect fit
  • Raised Edges: Materials surrounding screen and cut- outs are raised to protect exposed areas

The Osprey

This great case provides the same level of protection as other Galaxy Note 8 cases by Lumion, but it also has a hidden compartment that opens to store up to two credit cards.

Key features:

  • Convenient Card Space: Carry up to 2 cards with you in the hidden compartment
  • Secure Design: Cards stay safely out of view while you’re on-the-move
  • Semi-Automatic Mechanism: Patent-pending function that allows quick-and-easy, intuitive access to your cards

The Savant

Those who prefer wallet style cases will find a wonderfully elegant option in the Savant. This great case covers the Note 8 in PU leather that has a terrific and sophisticated look, and the cover has slots for cards and cash.

Key features:

  • Convenient Wallet Alternative: Carry up to 3 cards and cash as you need
  • Magnetic Strap: Easily secure your contents and shield your screen when closed
  • Thoughtful Cut-outs: Precise cut-outs allow you to take calls and pictures even with cover closed

The Huey

The Huey is the ultimate stealth Galaxy Note 8, offering an ultra-slim design that still protects from scratches and minor drops.

Key features:

  • Minimalist Build: Single-layer design keeps your phone pocket-friendly
  • Reinforced Material: Shock-absorbing TPU edges provide protection against daily drops
  • Lightweight Build : TPU is a pliable, resilient material that adds minimal bulk

The Diamont Air

Last but not least, the Diamont Air is the perfect case for people who want a naked look but still want protection against scratching and drops. This crystal clear case is just 1.5mm thick, and it fits the Galaxy Note 8 like a glove.

Key features:

  • Minimalist Build: Single-layer design keeps your phone pocket-friendly
  • Super Clear Cover: Transparent design offers a barely-there look that covers every edge and corner
  • Lightweight Build: TPU is a flexible material that guards while adding minimal weight