Per usual, Apple’s WWDC keynote yesterday was chock-full of new announcements. In fact, Apple had so many new items to discuss that Apple executives were seemingly flying through their presentations just to make sure that they had time to cover everything. In turn, not every new feature of interest was covered by the keynote.

Most notably, the recently revealed iOS 10 is jam-packed with a number of features that Apple didn’t have time to cover. Earlier today, we got you up to speed on a few of these interesting features, and now we’ll cover yet another one that flew past our radar initially.

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One exciting new iOS 10 feature Apple didn’t have time to cover centers on storage optimization. Specifically, there’s now a setting where users can instruct their device ahead of time to remove music that hasn’t been played in a while when storage is running low. This feature is especially useful given that Apple is still selling devices with 16GB of storage out of the box.

As evidenced via the photo below, courtesy of MacRumors, iOS 10 users will be able to instruct their iPhone to remove music in either 4GB, 8GB or 16GB installments.

Of course, this feature would only come in handy if a user happens to keep a sizable music library on his or her device. And with the growing popularity of music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, it’s safe to assume that the percentage of users who rely upon their devices for local music storage is on the way down.