Don’t get me wrong, I loved the 3.5-inch iPhones at the time. They fit perfectly in my hand and seemed to be just right for anything. But I wouldn’t want to use a new 3.5-inch iPhone no matter how up-to-date it was now that I know what iOS 9 os like on a bigger screen.

However, not all iPhone fans want such large displays on their iPhones, and some are still waiting for Apple to make a new iPhone that would pack the same awesome features available in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s series, but in a smaller package.

While rumors speculate that a 4-inch iPhone 6c is in the making for next year, a graphic designer has now imagined what a 3.5-inch iPhone 7 would look like.

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As you’ll see in the following clip, Tony Larsson imagined an iPhone 7 that looks pretty much like a smaller iPhone 4s but packs all the modern features you expect from the current iPhone family.

The device is rather bulky since battery life would still be of utmost importance, but otherwise we’re looking at an iPhone 4s clone that has Touch ID security and, likely, 3D Touch support.

Larsson went even further with his concept, adding an extra layer of protection to the iPhone in the form of LED lights that would show the user when the camera or microphone are active.

The full video showing off Larsson’s iPhone 7 concept follows below.

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