Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus announcement event is going to take place on September 9th, a report from a trusted source said a few days ago. Subsequent reports have claimed the phones would then be available for preorders on September 11th followed by a Septemeber 18th in-store launch. Now a new leak from France further backs up those claims, as a carrier is reportedly preparing to kick-off preorders on September 11th.

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France, Japan and Germany are three countries are usually included in Apple’s first wave of new product launches right alongside the USA. Assuming the leaks are accurate, it means that Apple will indeed begin taking orders for the iPhone 6s on September 11th and launch it in stores a week later.

The new leak comes from French Apple news site Mac4Ever, which received an image that says that new iPhone pre-reservation images will be available on September 11th – see that image below.

It’s not clear what mobile operator leaked the picture, but many French carriers already have the iPhone in their smartphone lineup, which means they’re also preparing for the iPhone 6s launch.