It’s very common for a politician or celebrity to buy up domain names in the hopes of blocking trolls and haters from creating websites to ridicule them. Nonetheless, we were intrigued by Business Insider’s scoop about how Donald Trump has quietly bought up more than 3,000 domain names over the years, a good portion of which would be perfect URLs for anti-Trump websites.

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Here are some of the thousands of web domains that Trump has bought to stop the Internet from having fun at his expense:

Again, this is a pretty common practice and we’re sure Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush both have bought up similar domains. Nonetheless, we’re impressed at the thoroughness of Team Trump’s operation — they bought up both and That’s foresight!

Unfortunately for the world, Trump’s crew didn’t think to buy up yet, which means some horrible person could still unleash such a monstrosity on the world.

You can check out the full list of Trump-owned domains by checking out Business Insider’s full piece here.

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