If that’s one thing Apple will likely never make, it’s a dual-SIM iPhone. However, many people use two different smartphones for home and work, which is why dual-SIM smartphones are popular with some consumers

Kickstarter project aims to fix this by bringing dual SIM smartphone buyers a tiny device that turns the iPhone 6 and older iPhone models into handsets that can handle two different SIMs.

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Called Piece, the device is a small, affordable, product that has already smashed through its $35,000 funding goal on Kickstarter with 29 days left in the campaign.

The gadget fits in a wallet and connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth. Piece has a slot for your second SIM and its battery lasts for 150 hours.

A special iOS app lets you manage the Piece SIM, turning your iPhone in a dual SIM device.

Additionally, the iPhone accessory can be used to locate the handset when the two are more than 30 feet apart – the iPhone rings automatically in such situations.

The cheapest Piece costs $70 and will ship at some point in September. The device is also compatible with Android devices, and will have an Apple Watch app once it passes $100,000 in funding.