Remembering to plug in your Tesla at night for charging isn’t something that most Tesla owners forget on a regular basis. Nonetheless, Tesla is working on a solution – albeit a very creepy one – that will make sure you never have to bother remembering to charge your car at night ever again.

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Yes, the company has a robot that can automatically find its way to the car’s charging port as soon as you park near it.

The company posted a short video on Twitter of the prototype charger robot in action. As you’ll see in the short clip below, the snake-shaped robot knows the car is parked in its vicinity and starts moving to find it. And it so happens that it moves like a robotic snake.

After all, Tesla said it’s working on a robot that moves out from the wall and connects like a solid metal snake to the car. The end result is a mixture of awesome and scary, two adjectives we normally associate first with Google products. Check it out for yourself below.