It’s been years in the making at this point but we now know Apple will finally, at long last, release its big Apple TV refresh this coming September. Buzzfeed’s John Paczkowski, who has impeccable sources for Apple release schedules, says that Apple will unveiled its refreshed TV set-top box alongside its new iPhones in September.

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While the new set-top box will bring plenty of new features, one thing it won’t be bringing is Apple’s long rumored over-the-top TV subscription service. Apparently Apple is still trying to hammer out deals with studios for the rights to offer their shows as part of its pay TV subscription package. That said, the new set-top box will apparently “set the stage” for the launch of the pay TV service at a later day, Paczkowski’s sources say.

So if we’re not getting a cable-killing TV subscription service, what are we getting? Paczkowski says that the new Apple TV will feature an A8 processor and will feature a completely redesigned remote control with touch pad input designed to significantly improve its responsiveness. The set-top box will also come with Siri integration to make it easier to control your TV via voice.

Perhaps most importantly, Apple will also be releasing a software development kit for Apple TV along with an official Apple TV section of the App Store, which will greatly enhance the set-top box’s overall functionality.

We’ve been hearing rumors about Apple releasing a big Apple TV refresh for years now but it seems that Apple is now finally comfortable enough with the new product to pull the trigger on it.

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