You know that feeling you get when you have to hunt for the cookie dough in the cookie dough ice cream? You know, the ice cream you bought solely for the cookie dough? Well, you won’t have to deal with any let down in the future after checking out this handy cookie dough ice cream cheat sheet.

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According to data compiled by Buzzfeed Life, you’ll find the most cookie dough inside Ben & Jerry’s version of the popular frozen dessert, which contains 21.1% cookie dough.

Häagen-Dazs has 14.3% cookie dough in it, while So Delicious and Three Twins each have about 7.8% of cookie dough in them. Obviously, if you don’t like that much cookie dough in your ice cream, you can choose one of these brands – or just stay away of cookie dough ice cream, since you don’t deserve it.

If you’re wondering how Buzzfeed Life measured all the ice cream in its tests, they did it exactly how you’d do it at home: melt the ice cream and scoop out the dough. You can read about the tests and get more details about the results by following the link down in our source section.