Google is about to roll a new Google Maps update for Android, which will bring an interesting new feature intended to improve your overall navigation experience on a mobile device.

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With a single tap, Google Maps 9.11 will let you hide away all unnecessary user interface elements while using the map view, Android Police reports. However, the feature doesn’t work in turn-by-turn navigation mode. Instead, you’ll only be able to hide UI elements while browsing a map.

Google Maps 9.11 also comes with support for editing captions for Google Photos images, as long as those pictures are location-tagged and visible under the “your places” area of a map.

Furthermore, you can also share your My Maps maps with others in the new version of Google Maps, a feature that was previously unavailable.

Google Maps 9.11 will be pushed to your Android device soon, but if you want to update to the latest version of Google Maps manually, just follow this link to download the updated version of the app.