Every single time a post runs on BGR that includes the image above, I get at least a dozen emails from people asking if I would mind sending them the wallpaper pictured on the iPhone’s screen. I’m always happy to oblige — here you go, enjoy — but it goes to show you how many people are constantly on the lookout for nice wallpapers.

We’ve shared a few different wallpaper collections in the past, and they look terrific on iPhones or any other smartphone. Now, it’s time to offer up some new options that will ensure your smartphone looks as slick as possible.

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Via Reddit, we’re directed to a terrific resource for iPhone wallpapers called simply, WLPPR. You won’t find a massive collection of mobile wallpapers there, but the images you will find are free and they’re simply stunning. Perhaps the most impressive thing about them is their origin: They’re all cropped sections of actual photos of Earth and Mars captured from space by satellites.

Each image is available in three different resolutions, one for the iPhone 5, one for the iPhone 6 and a third for the iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, they’ll look great on any Android phone.

A few examples of the wallpapers you’ll find on the site follow below, and the rest can be downloaded by following the link down in our source section.