Is there anything worse than tech companies putting together April Fools’ Day jokes? No, there probably isn’t, but at least there are a few companies out there that actually manage to pull off some April Fools’ Day pranks that at least a few people out there will actually find amusing.

Google is typically among the best of the bunch, with past pranks that include a free home Internet network that’s wired through your toilets (a few people actually fell for it!) and the company is back in 2015 with a handful of new jokes for 2015.

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Reverse your Google search: Forget going to to perform your searches on April Fools’ Day, head to instead. Seriously.

Chrome reaction selfies: A new April Fools’ Day feature in the Chrome mobile browser lets you take a selfie that captures your reaction to whatever you’re reading. So, for example, you can tap “Share a reaction” while reading about tech companies’ April Fools’ Day jokes and take a pic of yourself vomiting.

Smartbox by Inbox: You’ve tried Inbox by Google, the inbox of tomorrow. Well, now there’s Smartbox by Inbox, the mailbox of tomorrow.

Google Fiber Dial-up mode: Ok, this one is actually pretty funny.

Keyboardless keyboard: Google Japan’s latest breakthrough.

Play Pac-Man in Google Maps: We covered this one yesterday, but it’s another solid April Fools’ Day effort from Google that we hope will stick around.

Google Panda: Another offering from Google Japan. This time, the company is looking to reinvent search all over again.

A warning for Australians: Last, and definitely also least, is a warning issued by Google Australia that the Earth’s equator is shifting and Australia will be in the Northern Hemisphere by the year 2055. Meh.