Have you ever been sitting around watching Netflix on your Xbox One when it suddenly dawns on you, “I could be doing something much more productive with my life right now.” With the launch of Rosetta Stone’s Discover Languages app on Xbox One, you can start being more productive today, and you won’t even have to get off of the couch.

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Rosetta Stone announced on Tuesday that its new app is now available on Xbox One. The app “teaches English and Spanish by way of immersive simulation.” Here’s how it works:

“You’ll explore several locations in the Discovery Zone and chat with the characters you find there. In the Training Zone, you’ll solidify the concepts you encountered with study recommendations, cultural tips, phrase books, and of course, more games! Keep track of your achievements, and keep practicing until you get a perfect score.”

If you’re looking for an educational and entertaining way to brush up on your Spanish, this might be the app for you.