When Tim Cook last September hinted that there was a lot more about the Apple Watch to discuss, he wasn’t kidding. Earlier today, Apple provided boatloads of new information about Apple’s soon to be released wearable.

During the course of today’s presentation, Apple’s Kevin Lynch demoed how users can activate Siri straight from their wrists. To do so, Apple Watch wearers can simply double tap the button located beneath the digital crown. Additionally, Lynch relayed that Siri on the Apple Watch can be activated via a “Hey Siri” command, a feature first unveiled with iOS 8.

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Now because “active listening” for a “Hey Siri” command can drain the device’s battery quickly, users should note that the “Hey Siri” command can only be implemented when the Apple Watch is raised to a user’s face.

Much like in iOS, Siri on the Apple Watch is as powerful as it is on the iPhone. Apple Watch users can use it to get turn by turn directions, search the web, and respond to text messages via dictation.